AC fan not running but Engine fan running when engine starts


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May 15, 2019
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County Durham

As per the title really. I scanned the car using VCDS after fixing my door latch to see if there were any other outstanding issues and one that popped up was that I had an intermittent fault on one of my fans. Sorry for being vague on the scan but I can’t the file at the mo.

I started the car from cold and noticed that the bigger of the two fans (right one looking at the car from the front) was running even though the car was cold, I put the AC on but the smaller left fan didn’t start up. I took it for a run to warm it up and the AC was very cold, jumped out to check the fans and they were as they were when the car was cold. I could hear the AC compressor kicking in and out but no left fan and the right fan only seems to run slowly but no engine overheating, in fact it stays below the 90 indicator on the gauge all day long if we’re out and about. So got me stumped....
Possibly a fan controller fault?
I had one fan come on and off at when it shouldn't have been running and stay on after the car was switched off.

New ones are around £500 from Audi as they only come with the fan motor. Fortunately I found an aftermarket on on eBay for £90 without a motor and this worked fine until I sold the car.
I had this issue on my previous car S6 fan was running all the time it’s a fail safe as the control module was knackered but to replace it included the module and fan