Replacing passenger forward and rear window - help!


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Jun 23, 2019
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Milton Keynes
I've managed to damage the passenger side front and rear window, and I'm looking at replacing it myself ( The garages are quoting a stupid amount to get them to replace it).
Does anyone have any advice on how to gain access to the window to remove and replace it? I've gotten as far as removing the door card, then I'm abit stuck from there.

Hey man!

Here is what the rail system for the window looks like for the rears.

There are two plastic clips the window latches on to. They need to be pried open and then the window is free. Wish I could show you the window I removed. I can show you tomorrow when I go to work. The 2nd photo of the two circles is where the window goes. As you can see the white bracket goes up and down the black rail. It is very easy to do.

Like I said I can show you a photo of what the window looks like and where it clips.

I rebuild cars so I see stuff like this all the time. Dealerships hate me because I give info like this for free lol.

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