S5 B9 Disable Convience Key?


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Jun 20, 2019
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I'm picking up a 2017 S5 B9 tomorrow. It has a load of optional extras, one being Advanced Key.

I have bought a Faraday bag and disklok for home but I'm worried about thieves using a relay attack when I'm about and about and 'near' the car.

Can anyone with a 2017 S5 tell me if there is an option in the MMI settings to disable to disable convience key please? ( Menu>Vehicle>Vehicle Settings>Central Locking). I heard it might only be for MY18 cars onwards. I'd much rather have just keyless start and unlock the car using the lock unlock buttons instead. Photo attached for reference.




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For a relay attack to work, the fob needs to be approximately 30-40 feet within range of the car. So if you are walking around a shop and your car is parked more than that distance away, it wouldnt work anyway.
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I felt so strongly about not wanting the Advanced Key that I didnt take the Sound Pack when buying the car new. Audi in their wisdom bundle the Advanced Key with the B&O Sound system. I was getting the rear view camera as part of another Pack anyway. Also my wife listens only to Podcasts and News in the car, so the B&O would have been a complete waste.

Back to your question. There are coding options available to disable this, if you dont have the MMI menu. Also, why not get Audi to upgrade the MMI if the option is missing
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In my B9 RS4 you could turn off auto open doors in the MMI.


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Unfortunately the RS4 B9 seems to be one of few you can do this with, if there are any others...
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Yep got the car today, love it but no option to turn off advanced key. Faraday bags it is.. Although I might have a look through VCDS and see.

Thanks all for the replies
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I have advanced key, there is an option in the mmi to turn it off
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