Temp gauge not working...


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Mar 17, 2006
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Car heating up as normal but i've noticed that the temp gause doesn#t always work, recently it has been playing up quite abit, now n then it comes back!!!!

Any advice? problem with electrics you reckon?

Also i've noticed that when unlocking the vehicle, i get a second 'click' on the rear drivers side door lock, as if it unlocks twice, what the hell is that about???!
Locks fine all round, no second clicks or anything.

Don't really want to take it to a garage, just had Cam belt done, and slapped on the 19" LMs, that my expenses for the next 2-3 years done!
How much did you pay for the LM's mate, If you dont mind me asking!!!
hi mate,

i get that dual nunlock noise too, mines from the drivers rear, discovered its comming from the petrol cap lock, bit strange to hear at first but now i know wat it is, bit of a relief,

the temperature gauge thing, my cars temp reading was all over the place, took it to a audi specalist, all the did was change the cap and the temp sensor, and bleed the system....sorted, had a bit of air in my system due to the cap....try this first its a easy cheap fix?
Cheers for that advice Terrysingh, think i may have to see Audi's advice on this, i'll keep you updated on the locking issue...

LMs cost me a kidney and them some!!!!!

All in-all, to get the right offset, size, stretch look on some decent quality tyres, I spent just over £2300

Erm...yeah, Nice!!!

Guess they out the question for me then....hmmmm
New DoubleGlazing, Lm's, New DoubleGlazing, Lm's........:think:

:gun2:She'd kill me
Nlesh, Show us a closer (still) pic side on of your motor mate!!!