Slight hesitation?....miss?....jerking?!?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Hi all,

Yet another post in need of advice, lol

My 1.8T seems to run fine really, pulls ok, seems reasonably smooth on tickover...

I have however noticed a couple of times a slight hesitation, deffo not lag or anything but more of a miss almost...

Like on corners strangley, say you come out of a roundabout in 2 or 3rd and join a slip road, tonight it gave a jolt and then went?

It almost feels like years ago with a petro car with a car, you push it round sharp corner or something and get a moment of fuel starvation then it goes

Is this a common thing or could anyone shed any light on this for me?!

It is a bit of a funny description I know, but maybe someone can relate, lol

Thanks in advance

Got the same issue with mine, quite smooth on tickover but misses a little bit from 1500 to 2000 rpm, boosts abit funny too , only when i drive slow though.
Old favourite is the maf, prob the best place to start
would that come up with a fault code or does it have to get worse? mines worse in the mornin when its cold, not smooth when you set off slow
Wont throw up any codes i wouldnt think, you could always unplug it - the car will still run, albeit roughly, but if the maf is the problem the hesitation will disappear.

Drive round the block if its no different then mafs not ur prob, if it is then get a new one - around £75

Remember to plug it back in tho
oh right, if it is the MAF, is there a better or upgraded one?

I know with the MK4 Golf TDis we fitted Merc ones which were cheaper and better!
The car did this quite badly tonight, I was going round a bend about 40ish, to the join the dual carriageway, doing a constant speed as hadnt started to accelerate and it felt like it cut out then jerked a few times...

Felt almost like an electrical prob and something cutting out, or total fuel starvation?

Really baffled, surely the MAF wouldnt do this just on corners, or the coil pack? although the coil pack being elctrical could be more of a possibility?

Im not sure when it had its last service, done 64k now, what would they change on that type of service?

Cheers for any info

best thing u can do is find some1 with vag com - if its doing that the car should have logged something. its more than likely just a sensor or somethin but theres not much point guessing when the computer will tell u exactly which one
got my money on the coolant temp sensor. and a fifth the cost of a MAF. Worth a punt IMO
Anyway of checking the coolant temp other than using the gauge in the car? Someone was talking about an operation you do with climate controls but not sure if that was A3 or S3?
What exactly does the coolant temp do ?

Ive got this error on vag com and how much is it to replace?