Best car wash and wax?


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Jun 4, 2019
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As the title, what is the best wash and wax product out there? I'm using AG at the moment, but the products are very expensive for what they are
I'm using some of these at the moment. bubble gum & green jelly shampoos. Only tried them once but smell great & do the job + the name alone does it for me!!!!. :wink: .
Hmmm.. Very difficult one to answer.

Best to try a few suggestions on here, research and cherry pick the one's within your budget.

Then if it makes your car clean & shiny and you are personally happy with how it looks?

Then you got the best one's for you.
Quick question. Are you looking for a separate car shampoo and a car wax, or a combined product that provides protection as you wash

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There are cool automatic car washes where you can wash the car (knock off the dirt) and saw off with wax, but before polishing it must be dried, and a robotic wash turns into hellish work. The best option is not a self-service car wash, but a full-fledged service where you will be provided with quality care. Would you like to use hard, liquid or synthetic wax? My friend used jet washing service for companies and she was given a price list in various directions, there is even wax in the form of a spray, but this is done only by professionals and work with it should be carried out by specialists. Liquid wax is more stable than the type discussed above. The technology of processing the car with it consists in applying the substance to the washed body and rubbing it. Hard wax differs from the described types in that it is applied to a dry surface. The process of creating such a coating takes a long time. Moreover, it is quite stable and lasts 3-4 months.
No nonsense car wash and wax from Screwfix only,5 litres £6.99, best I have used and have tried them all.

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