2.0 FSI Engine Query


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Mar 28, 2007
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Stevenage, Herts

I took my A4 to my father in laws earlier for him to look at, and he was tinkering around the engine bay as you do, now as the engine was running he took off the oil cap and the engine started to run lumpy to the point it stalled, it also done this when he pulled out the dipstick too.

Should this happen?

Also pressure built up when he removed the cap too, like when you undo the petrol cap ... ???

Is this normal?
Why was he doing this exactly with the engine running?
Wouldn't have thought this was a good idea, something to do with oil pressure maybe?
The Engine sounds quite "ticky" and so he was having a look around ...
FSI engine does sound "ticky" as you say. Not a good idea to remove the oil cap or dipstick while the engine is running.
The noisey engine is normal on the FSI..
My 911 does the same, its to do with the engine vaccum that the car probably uses for idle and some sort of ignition advance (I know this is done electronically but the ECU must get its reading from somewhere)