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Nov 25, 2006
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Sorry back to my door cards again, just found the drivers side door has lost the spring on the door handle so it doesn't return back, these are s4 door cards and have the black handles. My old door cards have the silver door handles all working fine, so how easy is it to swap handles over, as the front doors obviously have speakers in so though i best ask first! Or should i just try to get a new spring for the black handle.

Still undecided which colour i want to go with so thoughs and opinions are appreciated but depending which method is easiest will probabley sway my decision!

Thanks guys
It's a little bit of a bitch but it's you can do it.


Plus if you change the full card, the plugs will fit the new ones and this carries the speaker wiring to. shouldnt be an issue for the wiring!

(get me, first time i've taken one apart tonight and i think i'm an expert! :readit: )
Thanks Doc, appreciate the reply. Ive managed to get the spring out of my old door card, but to get the spring in place i'm gonna need to get the handle out. How did you manage to take it out, does it juts pop out or is it glued/screwed? Thanks again, Matt
There may be a screen holding it at one end which will allow yo to pop it out it's been some time but I will have a look at one of my spare door cards later if I get time and have a look.
Hi, wondered if anyone had any ideas on how the handles come out, do the speakers have to come out too?