Locking problem - 2008 Allroad


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May 15, 2019
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County Durham
Hi All,

I’ve had a ew Audi’s in the past usually mile munchers like the A8, but as I’ve given up all of that travelling around for work nonsense I’ve bought a 2008 Allroad.

Its not a bad car, very able and spacious etc etc. I’ve had it about a week and I’m embarrassed to admit that it looks like I’ve missed a problem.

I bought it privately and carried out the usual checks, got it home, locked it and went in the house. I thought as it got darker I’d pop out and make sure all of the lights worked and were bright etc. I checked them all and they looked fine but when I opened the drivers door I noticed a puddle light and red door marker. I checked all the other doors and noticed that the front passenger door lights weren’t working and I made a note to buy the bulbs next time I was out. Anyway that was about a week ago and I still haven’t bought the bulbs, but it seems that it may not be the bulbs that’s the problem as when I locked the doors this afternoon after looking in the boot for something, I noticed that the front passenger door wasn’t locking it also wasn’t activating the interior lights or registering on the graphic in the clocks as a door open. I checked fuses and wiggled the wires that come out of the door into the body but didn’t see any flickering of lights, so I locked it with the grommet off and turn the thingy routine but I’m a bit stuffed as to what it could be. And I’m embarrassed to admit that the car may have been unlocked this whole time.

The window switch works, the speakers works, it’s just not locking or registering as open, so given my way of thinking I was suspecting the door latch.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be gratefully received.
Hi and thanks for your help.

I thought lock as I’d put my ear to the door and tried to lock / open and there was nothing, no sound at all. Sod’s law but the missus wants to go out today so I’ll have to get the panel off tomorrow to see if there are any plugs or wires hanging off.

Probably not but the lock is completely dead, would a dead lock account for the interior light and puddle lights not working too?

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Yes, as the switches in the lock tell the car when the door is opened, and to to switch the lights on.
Well, I had to wait ages for the new door latch to come into stock at my local dealers and the first sunny day we had I set to it taking to door card off.

The first thing I saw were the wires coming from the door latch through the door foam covering and they were cut. I was more annoyed with
myself at first but who checks the door locks when buying a car? Well I don’t - obviously :whistle2:

It was then a simple matter of soldering the wires together and replacing the latch, which worked straight away. So I now have a car that locks as it should.

I bought this car because it looked as though, apart from the servicing, that there had been no tinkering with it but I was wrong. Anyway I’ve had Range Rovers for most of my adult life so I’m used to previous owners messing things up for a short cut fix but I’m more annoyed with myself than anything else for not seeing it.

Now I need to figure out or at least ask how to enable a beep on lock / unlock with VCDS.
Module 46 central convenience byte 8 I think.
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I did it to mine but for some reason it only chirps on lock, not unlock.

Worked first time on my A3
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