Audi A6 C7 audio options


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May 14, 2019
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Hi all,

I am currently interested in purchasing an Audi C7 A6.

I wish the car to have bluetooth audio streaming so I can link my iPhone to the car and also require DAB.

Upon looking most cars seem to have Nav but none seem to mention bluetooth audio etc.

I am just wondering was this standard on the C7 or was it an optional extra?

If so what options does the car need to have for it? Will all cars with navigation come with bluetooth audio etc.


I owned a pre facelift with standard MMI and a facelift with tech Pack and both allowed bluetooth streaming.
The standard MMI would only let you skip forward/backwards a track and wouldn't let you browse. I cant remember if you could browse with the Tech Pack, but I'm sure someone will answer.
You don't get any MMI control over streaming of audio via BT, other than setting the "*" button to skip to next track.

You have to use the phone app to control streaming options (search etc.)

If you're an Android user, you can use Android Auto voice control. ("Ok Google play.... etc.)

Can't comment on iOS as not using iPhone.
thanks all really appreciate it,

Does the MMI allow connecting my phone via USB to control it?

Does the MMI allow connecting my phone via USB to control it?

Unfortunately the USB connection doesn’t give you any more control over the phones media streaming capability, though at least it does allow BT audio streaming.

The MMI system is ok for what it is, but it’s very much behind the curve when it comes to integration of mobile phones that are used as media streaming devices.

The only thing I can recommend is a good phone holder on the dash, so that you can at least reach the controls without too much distraction. I use a Brodit holder on the centre dash from these guys here
I think Bluetooth was standard on ALL A6's.... but forget about DAB - it might be standard on a SEAT Leon, but for Audi A6's, it was an £800 optional extra - even on my 2012 S-Line with the HDD "MMI Touch" and Audi Connect, etc (Tech Pack?)... £800 to retro-fit with OEM parts, but I wouldn't bother - even with the Audi Connect SIM installed, you have to pay £200+ ever couple of years to get a 3rd rate version of Google Traffic... far better to just use a phone and Waze for NAV... plus internet stream the Audio (Spotify, BBC radio app, etc) - Waze has really nicely integrated controls for Spotify too, so that all works really nicely, but all you get in terms of steering controls are volume and skip tracks. I find a driver's door air vent mount works REALLY nicely for a reachable, easy to see screen :)