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Jul 22, 2017
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my s5 with 5000 miles and 6 months old is saying it needs and oil service .

Is this correct or should it be at 12 months

If so what will i expect to pay

I had mine done (as MMI requested) at 12 months - which was about 6.5k. During PDI the supplying dealer selects long life service or 12 month (or 12k miles whichever is first) - so in theory unless it’s long life and some strange driving’s been going on, or it was pre reg and PDI took place well before you took ownership and ‘time’ started then it shouldn’t be due

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Appreciate the reply . Thank you
Appreciate the reply . Thank you
My S5 is 9 months old and has done 6.5k miles. Says my oil service is due in 9k miles and my oil level is currently at 75%. Hope that helps

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Im glad to say this was a PDI error and will reset to the normal year !

Thanks everyone
What sort of money are you all paying for a service on a S5, mine is booked in at £433.00 for a full service. Ouch
My just oil was £220 - should have been £264 but Audi FS fcuked a few of us about by not honouring service agreements (there’s a thread on here about what they did) so my local franchised dealer gave me a discount.

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