Sold Audi RS3/TT RS 4 Pot Brake Calipers, Discs and Pads

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Jun 2, 2014
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For sale I have a set of excellent condition brake calipers, discs and pads removed from my RS3. They are the upgraded version from Audi (ones that can have the anti vibration bells fitted), and are in cosmetically excellent condition for their age. They are standard fitment on A3/S3 with TTRS Discs. The pads have plenty life left also as shown in the photos. They do need a clean up as they were not long removed from the car and come with the brake lines.

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Also for sale is a used RS3 discs, they have 31.4mm of 32mm so plenty of life left as 30.4mm is the minimum. Surface rust is due to storage in my shed.

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£150 inc delivery

Finally I have a set of red stuff pads for the 4 pots that were fitted but removed not long after fitting due to the car going back into Audi for service work and I never got round to putting them back in. Lots of life left

711BA83E 6175 48BB 8748 31D6473883D8
AEA11CF7 D6BD 479A 9D49 AD98765DBB34

£40 inc delivery

Contact me via PM for more info etc :)
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hello the brakes are still there?
Hello Pal, sorry these are long sold but couldn’t edit the title to reflect it.

Thanks anyways :)
Pads still available? Would you be able to ship to the Netherlands. Payment upfront through PayPal.

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