New S6 owner with a few questions

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Apr 19, 2019
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Hello. My trusty 5-series died last week and after much deliberation I've opted for a 2007 A6 Avant S-Line. It seems very nice so far, if a little firm, but I'm sure I'll get used to it! Mad acceleration :)

I do have a few questions though, and I hoped I could find answers here. They are:

1. There's no aux?! (Not that I can find, anyway!) Listening to Audible on long drives keeps me sane. Any smart fixes or suggestions to how I can get audio from my phone through the stereo?

2. Cruise control speed increases/decreases don't appear to be shown on the dashboard. Is that right, or am I a dummy?

3. What does the ESP button do?

4. Can you get newer map DVDs for the thing in the boot?

Thanks everyone. Hopefully soon I'll have learnt enough that I can help new people on here!
Hi mate, the a6 is a real beast.
1) have you had a look in the glovebox, you would normally have a 6 disc cd changer, during 2007 these became mp3 cd changers but some cars as a option had AMI (audi music interface) fitted which has a usb port and a aux port, if this was never fitted, you could potentially look at retrofit one or have a look online to see if there was a way from the back of the mmi units,
2) cruise control will be underneath the indicator lever, to turn it on, push it forward to its first position, then press the button on the side and it keeps it at that speed, if you want to increase the speed, pull that towards you and it will start speeding up same with decreasing the speed push it away from you but not to hard as there are 2 positions for back, the first back is to lower the speed, the second position for back is to turn the cruise control off completely
3) ESP is electronic stability control, basically this stops/minimises your car from wheel spinning and keeps the car stable, watch this video to give a more detailed knowledge. this isn't a video for the audi a6 in qustion but it is the same technology and will give you an idea of about esp, you can find some videos of people turning esp off and on in a audi a6 c6 on youtube, mainly in the snow though
4) yes you can, but from what i remember, make sure you get a genuine disc and speak to a mechanic before hand as i believe to update the DVD disc, it drains a lot of the battery.
Umar, thanks so much mate, you're a hero :)
no worries mate, i had the same a6 3.0 tdi, loved it like no other car, but unfortunately had a truck crash into it and writing it off, but miss it so much, so many other cars do not compare to the a6,
I am glad i could help, if you need anymore help, don't be afraid to ask, there's more than enough people on here that will help and point you in the right direction.

Watch this if you want to watch what the a6 c6 can really do, they did this as an experiment if i remember rightly, the car has cable underneath it but they admit that was for safety precautions just in case if the worst was to happen but was never needed and interfered with what the driver can do, the a6 c6 Quattro are amazing in the snow