A4 B6 Cabriolet Roof Replacement?


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Sep 24, 2018
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As the title, has anyone ever attempted this?

I bought my B6 as a summer bit of fun really, dont want to spend much on it but it does have a few issues i wouldn't mind fixing. The main one bothering me is the rear window. It has the usual problem of coming away previously, and someone has made a poor attempt at repairing it. There is glue residue of some kind all over the fabric around the window, and the car inside smells quite musty.

If i cant get this glue out of the fabric, and get rid of the smell, i was thinking of changing the whole roof with a second hand one off eBay. Elsawin makes it look relatively straight forward. Im talking about the whole roof and mechanism, not the fabric part. I know its going to be a good few hours work, but im quite handy with a pair of spanners, and think this might be a better option than faffing around trying to reseal the glass.

Any thoughts?!

Cheers Steve