Sold Dog guard - tailored fit for 3D & 5D 8V A3/S3/RS hatch.

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Mar 4, 2016
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A classic case case of over preparedness this one...

Last february I bought a puppy, a four legged companion who has since woven himself into every aspect of my life and has genuinely made it a happier place. He’s my first dog, so naturally I was intent on doing everything right, and being super prepared for his arrival.

Clearly, this was going to have to include making my S3 ‘dog-proof’. A lot of searching led me to Travall, who supply tailor made dog guards for every car you can think of. No ‘universal fit’ rubbish that leaves marks on your headliner of trim panels here, these guards are the business, fitting perfectly, without tools, and without marking anything.

Bought it, fitted it. Easiest job ever. Doesn’t rattle, doesn’t get in the way, and actually looks quite reasonable. What I never considered was that I don’t actually need such a thing, and eventually took it out and hung it up in a cupboard. The reason I never needed it was because I’d dramatically overestimated the athletic prowess of the breed of dog I’d purchased. Eddie is you see a miniature dachshund, a breed that’s famously short-***** and often said to be “half a dog high and a dog-and-a-half long”. At his most fearsome he’s only about 9 inches high, so he can’t even reach the guard, never mind get through it... £110 spent for a very little gain.
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Anyone need a very nice dog guard then? £70 shipped in the UK mainland.

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Oh sorry, didn't see that between the pics!
I'll have a think about it.
I'm after a dog guard for my RS3 incase I need to put my mutt in the car in an emergency

I’m afraid this guard is no longer available. Would recommend it though, it’s very good.
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