QS Kings Weston House 14th

As it's no longer April I'm going to say no, but I hope to go to the next one on the 19th May if I remember!
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A few Audis today. Two RS6s of the V10 variety, a B7 RS4 and a couple of R8s.
Anyone go last Sunday? There were a fair few Audis there, including two brought along by the local dealer. They brought a new shape RS Q3 and (disappointingly) a 66 plate RS6. They said they were bringing an RS6 and I'd hoped it would be a new one.

There were some others there including a few S3's in 8P and 8V flavour, another RS6, two RS4s and an R8 or two.
Have I missed the Feb meet? Could be up for a little drive out to see some nice motors