Audi Pre Sense fault

I suppose a couple of thoughts would be that firstly it's supposed to help avoid an accident, and plenty of people here have seen it work as advertised, but not to replace what the driver should be doing anyway i.e. not to be relied upon.

Another point would be that if your son was braking already, there's nothing more that pre-sense could do to avoid the repair bill. Pre-sense firstly gives a warning, which if ignored, is then followed by applying the brakes.

Also, given that your son was doing around 40, could it be he was actually doing about 50, before hitting the brakes? That would be my first suspicion if it were my son. And if he were doing about 50, that's going to be over the speed at which pre-sense works anyway.

But, as the airbag never deployed, it sounds like your son did well enough to almost avoid the accident. It's just a shame the front of the car has a lot of expensive bits on it.
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