Audi S3 induction kit cold air feed ?

Joshua Ward

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Feb 28, 2019
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Hi guys,

Have noticed recently the air temperature has been a little high on the intake was wondering if anyone had done a fog light intake or a big scoop or anything like that, that they could recommend for better cold air supply ?

Thanks in advance!!
Have you used the heat shield?
With the pipe running along the back of the engine bay it's likely to suffer a bit of heat absorption.
Or an alternative might be to use reflective heat proof tape along the pipework.
Yeah all heat shields in just want a nice flow of cold air to reach it rather than the small slit in the grille
circular cut under intake housing then run duct from intake to fog grill. been done by many but may not change the temp significantly as you may wish. Many others may have a slightly different figure but a rule of thumb is around 1 hp for every 10 degree change in temp. I doubt you will get significant air cooling by this method and thus not much increase in hp but it will be a fun project and you have something to talk about at car meets
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The Revo one works perfect

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The Revo one works perfect

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I had a 3" pipe running from my filter to the fog light and it worked fine , ITG cai
looks fantastic but not really answering the question
Agreed, it looks great but it's a different engine and does not give any indication of how cold air could be fed from a lower part of the engine bay to a CAI.

You could always remove or cut a hole in the bottom of the heat shield below the cone filter and feed a hose down to a lower section, but you then run a higher risk of sucking up dirty air or more moisture on wet days.
I don't really think it will benefit that much to be honest. Mine made 316bhp at R-tech with the stock airbox and filter. It clearly wasn't restricted for airflow and if it was going to suffer heat soak badly, that engine cover and airbox design would be the worst offender, IMO.
Another advantage of the VWR, takes the air direct from outside.