Supercharger lag??


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Feb 24, 2011
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I'm not sure I want to ask this question but here goes...

Car is a 2009 S4. At about 60mph if I put my foot down it will kick down a couple of gears and there is a momentary pause, almost like turbo lag, and then it'll take off like a scolded cat. I thought superchargers were instant power and did not have lag like a turbo. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Car runs fine other than that.

(Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is my first supercharged car!!)
I think its possibly more about gearing and specifically being in the wrong gear, it takes that split second to drop down a gear or two and then kicks in.

Where I can, I drop the gears with the paddles first before I boot it, instant power then.
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I agree with @Russboy, takes a second for the computer to realise it needs to drop down a gear.

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I think also the bypass valve needs to close and the SC build boost, everything contributes to a slight delay or lag.
I assume this happens when your in D. I found the same, from what I understand, D is more 'economical' as in the gears upshift quickly assuming you have stronic. Hence flooring the throttle whilst in D, you may be cruising at 50mph in gear 7, the stronic will downshift one or two gears first before the power kicks in.
Driving in S greatly reduces this

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