P1063 After Fuel Rail Sensor Replacement


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Mar 7, 2019
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Hi Folks

I have a problem with my 3.0 TDI A4 and wondered if anybody could help, I replaced the Fuel Rail pressure sensor due to the connector snapping off (my fault) :-( . I have tried restarting it but is refusing to fire up turns over but wont fire. There is plenty of fuel in it but in VCDS I am getting a P1063 message.

004195 - Fuel Pressure Regulation
P1063 - 003 - Control Range Not Reached - MIL ON

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated :icon thumright:

Cheers Mark
Cheers for the reply, no I have not bled the system what's the best way to bleed it? thanks
Depends how much of the fuel system you have taken apart.

There is a screw on the fuel filter which you can undo to bleed a majority of the air out. For the remaining air you simply just have to keep cranking.

Check both the regulator on the end of the fuel rail as well as the pressure sensor in the side are connected as well.
Thanks for that, the only part I removed was the fuel pressure sensor on bank 2 do you think there could still air in the filter?
Unlikely, it should recirculate back to tank and self bleed the fuel rails. Is the sensor definitely the correct one you replaced it with? I think there are 2 different pressure range ones for the two different power 3.0TDIs.