A3 8P O/S Driveshaft bolt wont undo


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Aug 29, 2014
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Hi guys

I having a spot of bother trying to undo my drivers side driveshaft bolt on the hub. Ive broken a torque wrench and various other sockets and wrenches trying to undo the nuts. I bought a 800mm long breaker bar and have heated the nut up with a blowtorch for 5 minutes before attempting to remove and still stuck on. Hasnt moved one bit. Any ideas on how to remove?

Please help
torque wrench shouldnt be used as a breaker bar, so was inevitable it was gonna break.

have some hold the brake pedal while you crack it loose
Hit the hub bolt with the 27/32mm socket on it with a mallet a good 5-6 times.

Torque wrench used for opening the bolt :box:
Ive had the wheel still on the car while i try to crack off the nut so dont need the brakes but to no avail. The breaker bar i have is nearly a metre long so plenty of leverage but if that and heat wont allow it to come off then i cant think of anything else
The first time I had to remove the factory-fitted hub bolt on my A3 I had a 6 ft aluminium scaffold pole slipped over a breaker bar (as an extension ) using a 27mm 1/2 inch drive socket (IIRC) and still had one heck of a job to get it undone.
The amount of factory applied thread lock on the bolt when eventually removed was unreal, I battled every turn of that bolt and thought at one stage it would never come off!
I’d say much bigger extension bar, and plenty of muscle......
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I’d say if you get about 1.5-2ft of deflection using the 6ft extension pole when trying to remove it. Just work safe but don’t be scared to use the leverage. Go on don’t be scared.:whip:

Only then I’d call it officially welded.
Funnily enough, my friendly garage broke 3 tools trying to remove mine when replacing the CV joint!
It's all about the leverage.
A 6 foot pole should do it
And a decent hex socket or even a spanner but obviously the correct size
Take it to a local garage, give them £10 and ask them to undo it for you then nip it back up to get back home.
If you’re still trying, use an impact socket, they fit the nut much better and won’wreck the nut corners. Try the blow torch again and let it all cool down before trying to undo. Give it some welly again with a scaffold tube over a wrench.