TT Mk3 Roadster spoiler leak


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Feb 26, 2019
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I'm having a problem with my TT roadster, i wonder if someone else had the same issue and how did you get around it?
Water leaks in through the spoiler into the registration plate lights. the leak was not noticeable until the plate lights failed - took about 3+years for this to happen! I've had the car for a year now and I didn't notice the leak until then!
I bought the car from a private seller, so Audi are refusing the responsibility by first saying that the warranty expired (4 months ago) and then that I didn't buy it from an Audi dealer so my consumer rights don't apply, although they acknowledge that it is a factory fault. So looks like I'm going to have to foot the bill and the spoiler replacement.
Anyone in a similar situation? do the car manufacturers get away of fixing design flaws that easily? someone else had the spoiler leaking, did it get fixed by replacing the spoiler?
Thanks !
I've just experienced exactly the same issue on our 2015 roaster. We noticed a bit of water draining into the boot upon lifting the tailgate over a couple of weeks. Now one of the number plate lights failed and when removing the assembly to check the bulb (which i now find are not serviceable), I noticed water in the unit. Put the handle/light assembly back on the boot and neither number plate lamp now work :)

Did you find a solution to the water ingress issue? Also, did you have to replace the complete boot handle/number plate lamp unit?

Hi I’ve had the same thing 3 times to find out now that Audi didn’t change the seal and now won’t replace any of it , do you know how to correct a leaking spoiler seal ? Many thanks

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