Latest mod to my rs3 8v.2


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Jul 9, 2014
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I was really happy with the original suspension but I felt it looked a bit high and was a bit crashy on my roads local to me. I ordered H&R lowering springs to try as cheap option and was a too low for my liking making it scrape here and there and also the handling for me took a backwards step so I looked into options.
I had a few years ago met Eric the lead engineer of JRZ Suspension on a business trip and got to go round a few tracks in JRZ cars with pro drivers and took part with a pit crew swapping out and installing on a car. I was blown away with the quality and technology so seemed like the natural step, so I spoke to Eric at JRZ and RS 2 Touring looked to be the ideal choice.. Daily sports feel and with few clicks event/track day ready.

The ride is OEM but better and more refined defo I think on bumpy roads its way better. Only slightly more cabin noise. Right now its set up as to JRZ specs on compression and rebound(5 clicks from full soft rebound & compression) I will have a play as feel needs a click or two harder..lets see

Big thanks to my local garage and Chris there for the fitting and looking after my car

I do offer now the full range of JRZ at WWW.TTEGLOBAL.COM
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Next.... :yes:

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Car looking amazing Si, :)
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So I got myself a Milltek as I am a dealer and ive always been happy with the systems on my previous cars.

Some new plugs and have a TTE700 ready

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So I got myself a Milltek as I am a dealer and ive always been happy with the systems on my previous cars.

Some new plugs and have a TTE700 ready

Will be interesting to see how you get on with the exhaust. Didn’t @billymc92 and someone else on here have their diffusers melted by it?
Run the milltek now for few weeks and been on a 150mile trip no issues to date.

Looks to be a nice air gap around the tip’s but I’ll keep an eye on
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JRZ Suspension settled in nice now

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due for fitting soon :icon thumright:


Christmas has come early! What power are you expecting once it’s all fitted?

Well first is stock fueling low boost tune see where it's at. I expect 550-600 as stock injectors run out somewhere there.
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What you doing about fueling?
Eg bigger pump and injectors
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Really ill go with what the tuner wants.

But I know from many cars I've worked with using a TTE700, some at near 800ps, injectors are all that's needed. You only need a pump really for e85

these injectors are proven and recommended :
If I do change turbo I think I’ll build the engine too just so I can get more torque, and it can’t help to protect the engine.
Standard pump seems powerful but is it at its limits?
For me building the engine is a step to far.
This thread needs an update..

All parts on the car now for some months.

Went APR stage 3 beta 98ron ecu software stock dsg software for approx 6 months and was very happy with the car. Car made 575hp (never given a dyno to share) approx and ran 10.77 1/4 @128.77 mph, 100-200 6.45 sec best

Now swapped and running UNITRONIC stage 3 98ron beta ecu software and UNITRONIC TCU software for few months approx. Car made 590-609hp(609 below)and has ran 10.55 @133.28 mph, 100-200 6.09 sec. We found by lifting the oem airbox lid we could gain 20hp approx on the dyno so hopefully proving theres room for improvement with after market airbox/filter

More in the car with a good launch 60ft but these times above are real-world, road tires and UK asphalt.

All data same fuel and weight, same road. Car been perfect really no issues at all on any software.

As the car is today.

Next mod is intake set up and another exhaust change
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So Added a Forge throttle elbow and high flow valve :

I did port the Forge valve in a quest for extra gains and made the option available at TTEGLOBAL.COM.

It's easy enough to do yourself if you have tools and basic hand tool skills and time.

BEFORE & AFTER porting the forge Elbow valve.

Also added some Carbon trims to the engine bay. This is a shot with the Forge elbow fitted.

Tested the UNITRONIC 100ron file available to download. I flashed the car and see some good gains

99ron Tesco with half a bottle of octane booster to not pull any timing.

Results was : 632HP & 575FT BLS approx.

Feels more responsive now and looks on the graph to spool sooner.

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Looks good! Did you feel any improvement with the Forge elbow?

I'd be interested to hear how you ran the 100-RON file. At UNI stg2 I have 93/98 and 100/108 files, is this a stg3 only offering or is that the 100/108 file with octane booster + 99 to achieve that? What product you using as that's a pretty great improvement and I might have to give it a try when I run out of ethanol!
Few things I feel the elbow gives is seals better at higher boost levels and definitely flows more.

I bench pressure tested the stock DV and at 2.0bar, approx my operating pressure it leaks slightly. Mostly I believe because is a plastic seal and light spring pressure on oem valves. DV+ seals better.

I believe the forge valve seals well as Uses a way stronger spring (I used the stiffer of the two you get) but I’ve not actually pressure tested to validate just visually looked at and tried to push open with a finger.. you can’t

I think I’ve gained a little performance yes as I did re dyno the 98ron tune and spool improved on the graph and my butt dyno says it’s too there was a gain of about 6hp from last previous 98ron dyno but it was a different day.. but I do believe it helps performance but its small but everything counts and it’s quite small cost. I really feel the porting makes a real difference on the part.

only with more testing on others will I know for sure but no negative

The 100ron stage 3 file was available to me on the server I just flashed it. But I will flash back to 98ron very soon and just use 99ron readily available

I added the octane booster to make sure I don’t pull timing and I’m not as I logged it.
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Current full spec


TTE700 Turbo
NGK R7437-9 Plugs
DV+ recirc valve
FORGE silicone inlet
FORGE Hardpipe
RAMAIR panel filter
Stock airbox modded
Sharp motorsport injectors & adapters
DIY dsg catchcan


JRZ RSTWO suspension
superpro adj front links
superpro dogbone insert

Hey, just one question.

I'm looking to install a downpipes with sport cat to my RS3 and I'm looking Milltek. There is any reason why you prefer APR against Milltek?
The APR flows more due to its design specifically the duel section on the APR DP. I tried both on my car and feel from data duel is better
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The APR flows more due to its design specifically the duel section on the APR DP. I tried both on my car and feel from data duel is better

Thank you, just one last question.

I have a 2o19 OPF RS3. The reason I want to buy a DP is that I want back the good sound of the PFL. I don't need more power, so if is needed I only would do stage 1.

So the question is, would you buy a DP if I only will go for a stage 1? Or even if is possible, I would just remap to don't have the error message and don't make any stage. Just change the DP to get the good sound.
when I run out of ethanol!

Maybe you are at the stage where you need to emigrate! Here is a pic of the price my local supermarket in France is charging for E85 this morning..!

Screenshot 2019 12 31 at 081839
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So my latest addition is the AWE carbon S Flow intake.

I believe the biggest on the market with 4.5" tubing. I am pretty pleased with it.

Can hear the turbo spooling more and I feel that I'm making more power on my butt dyno

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