Potential new 8J TTRS owner :)


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Jan 27, 2011
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Hello Gents,

Im looking at a 8J TTRS with a DQ500 box in it Stage 1 apr with the DP has done though 79k Miles or 127k kms. scanned the car with VCDS which came out clean with 7 registered launches on the box. However i found 3 oil leaks around the top which i suspect to be the cam cover gasket issue. An oil leak around the inlet manifold breather pipe? Near the throttle body and finally one just towards the top mid half of the transmission.. you can also see it on the block too. I was gonna do a further test of the engines compression for peace of mind. Price is 26k AUD from 35k aud. Which is around 13 15k Pounds.

Needs a full set of brakes too which arent cheap. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.. just wondering what could it be and well if you gents reckon its a good buy or steer clear of it. I can do most the work myself.

I should note i got a mk5 gti mint that ill be selling too and replace it with the 8J TTRS also got a fully built tte480 a3 2.0tfsi coverted to a my12 S3 black edition. So just wondering what you folks reckon and take on this debt too. As you can tell im trying to judtify it lol

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