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Jul 15, 2015
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I have a 3.0l Quattro TDI 2012 A6 and I've seen a few people put the more aggressive rs front grill on.

I was just wondering if this is a simple remove and replace job or if it is going to be a painful change.

Does the RS6 grill just got straight on

I'm thinking of doing this but thought I would check first

Many thanks
It’s a tricky job as you have to remove the front bumper from the car

Then you need a lot of flat head screwdrivers in order to lever the clips for the grill. Once the grill is out the new one simply clips back in
I bought my rs grille from eBay from a Chinese seller. The first one was seized by customs but the second made it through. Was tricky to fit as I had cut away a section which was part of the bumper, behind where the rings are. The piece that has the headlight washer hoses clipped to it as it was stopping the grille going flush and sitting flat. Attached some pics to try and explain.
It was the 2 plastic screw holes which stick out that had to be cut back.

Looks the dogs danglies once fitted

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I also have the honeycomb grill, wasn’t too bad to fit. One bolt on each side was a pain to get in and out but is easily doable on the drive with a simple tool kit.
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