SQ5 Washer woes


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May 16, 2018
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Not sure if any of you other ‘18 SQ5 owners have had this issue but a heads up I guess.
During the cold snap someone- definitely wasn’t the mrs!! - squirted the rear screen washer while the jet nozzle was frozen. It appears now that this blew the water feed pipe off as when you squirt at the rear now, so to speak, you can hear rushing water but nothing comes out! Upon opening the boot, you get a small shower from inside the boot lining on the door. Nice!
Taking it in to local dealer soon for fix as can’t be ***** to, and don’t see why I should, do it myself.
Possible weak point? I can understand why they design it to happen, assuming it is by design, the could make it more accessible to fix. Definitely will be under warranty!!
Happy squirting y’all.
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No problem with mine in the cold weather & mine lives on the drive as it wont fit in my 70's build garage.
@RS3 S. ours lives on the drive too just because our garage is full of junk!!
Currently in at dealer - sent me a nice video of what they found - apparently a stopper plug has gone so they need to replace the whole rear camera washer feed?!?
Car should be done Monday but until then I ‘enjoying’ the S3 loaner. ;)
........good news. I take it you keep the washer fluid in a stronger mix in the cold weather?.