Broken Cruise Control Stalk


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Feb 6, 2019
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Santa Fe, NM
Here's my issue. Just bought an old 2003 A4 1.8T quattro that supposedly didn't have cruise control. Lo and behold I am investigating the install and notice the stalk itself simply had broken off (can even see a bit of the wires) and it does indeed have cruise control. I can easily find a replacement stalk, but my question is will I need to do a VCDS repogram? And if so, will the car be driveable after installing the stalk (but before the reprogram)?

On the flipside, would it be easier to simply replace the entire steering cluster (clock spring w/switches, etc)? This way I would not have to disassemble the old one to get the CC stalk out. But I assume after this I would need to do a VCDS reprogram?
If it had factory cruise control you won't need to anything in VCDS. IIRC the only thing in VCDS for cruise control is enable or disable.
Nice. Thanks.
I guess beyond that it might be wise to test the module 1st with a jump of some kind (the on and set buttons). Just have to dig up the diagram.

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