S3 Air Induction kit


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Apr 17, 2018
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Hi just had a stage 1 remap installed to my standard S3 but my question is is it worth putting an air induction kit on as well? Cheers
Not really, should have had the remap done after installing new hardware
Depends on the map really, if its generic like revo then it will already be set up for an intake i expect and you can fine adjust with the SPS switch if you run the std filter. I doubt that the original filter is a restriction at stg1 though. I ran stg 1 for years with std filter and was always pleased .
Remember a restriction is going to be right at the top end when the engine cant flow enough air so peak revs. I doubt it would really be noticable on the road as the down pipe will be a restriction at those revs before the inlet i would guess.
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The lad’ll come back and tweak the file to factor any additional mods I put on and alter the map accordingly. I was just wondering if it was worth the expense/time to install an air induction was all or just stick with the standard air filter. Don’t think I’ve any plans to go beyond stage 1. Cheers for your replies guys
Next biggest bang for buck after a stage 1 remap is a sports cat / decat. Not much to be gained with an induction kit at stage 1 imo. I found it too noisy and lost some of the low down pickup, ended up fitting a Samco intake pipe (which goes between the maf and the turbo) and keeping the std airbox / engine cover until I went to stage 3. I was running stage 2+ at 340ps and 400lb/ft with the std airbox btw on a reliable dyno (MRC).

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