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Mar 26, 2003
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It's been mentioned and discussed before on the A2 Forum, but finally the social everyone has been waiting for will be going ahead next year!

The plan is as follows:

The trip will include a visit to Neckalsum to see the A2 being built and for a factory tour. Also to visit Ingolstadt to see the Audi museum and everything else Audi related!

It is a 630 mile trip to Nuremberg from London, and I appreciate that not everyone who wants to go lives in London so in order to keep the trip down to 4 days there is likely to be a day of intensive driving on the first and last days. But I'm sure that even the convoy drive down will be memorable! We will be aiming to make Nuremberg our base for 2 nights as it is fairly close to both Neckalsum and Ingolstadt. As with all A2OC social events, there will be plenty of time to do your own thing with no strict agenda except for the Audi visits. There will also one official party night, the venue of which will be decided nearer the time.

At present, we are aiming to hold this event during late April/early May.

It's pointless going to the trouble of organising this if no one is interested in going. I won't lie, there will be costs involved - obviously significant fuel costs, insurances, the channel crossing by EuroTunnel, 3 nights in a hotel, food, bar bill /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif etc. But this will be a one off opportunity to see the A2 production line while you still can and it will be a true confirmation to the Audi world that there is a well organised and united international A2 club in existence.

In addition, although this will be an official A2OC event, we are going to be inviting members of the German A2 Forum to join us if they wish so that there may be even more of us and a greater presence. Some of you may have met Frido at the February social event after he made the trip from Germany to join us for the day - Frido has very kindly offered to help coordinate and organise this trip.

If there are any A2 owners here /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif please consider this whole idea and let me know your thoughts, preferences and ideas...and tell me if you might be interested in coming along.


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