Front suspension


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Sep 19, 2016
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Front spring snapped so while stripping components down to replace spring the top pinch bolt sheared off
Do you guys have any idea how to remove the remaining bolt witch is seized solid. Thanks
Best off removing the hole assembly, you will find the bottom arms easy enough to remove and the top arms via the upper mount. You will need heat & a lot of force to remove that bolt, even with the upper arm off the car took some major heat and hammering to remove the pinch bolt..

Also the hub bolt is something like 200nm & half a turn took a big breaker bar to do the 1/2 turn (That is on the 3.0TDi engine).

There is some info and pics here that could help.
Had some heat on before it snapped but couldn't use to much as didn't want to melt rubber covers on top arms. Will have to wait till next weekend when I am off to try again
You will not get enough heat in to the upright not to damage the top arms, it's not just the rubbers that you will affect with the heat you will boil off the grease in the top arms as well as they were never designed to take the temperature that you need to apply to get that bolt out. The only option you have is to try and press that bolt out, but my 10 ton press without heat would not budge the pinch bolt.
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I've just had my top arms replaced.
My indie had to remove the full assembly and then drill the bolt out. Even heating the bolt with an induction heater wouldn't touch it.
Just as I thought
I am looking at buying some good drill bits