Anyone got BCS Powervalve rear silencers? (S4 3.0)


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Jul 27, 2005
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North Norfolk
Really feel the need to mod my car, and fancy a little extra noise from the exhaust.
The BCS on the S4 is the exact same as the S5 SB but I can find very few actual reviews of people running them. Thus throwing open to both models.

I’ve searcged the forum as best I can, I can see a couple of videos on YouTube but hard experience/real life ownership experience would be good, before I take the plunge and cut my OEM silencers off :)


(I know a remap would be better value but currently in warranty and I reckon a pair of silencers will likely raise less issue if any claims need to be made)
I don’t have them but would say they are just very expensive backboxes. You might as well go to a custom fabricator and get some put on for half the price
They are generally well reviewed.

The reason for the high cost is that they don't produce the drone which plagues the s4.

Custom boxes and the x pipe all produce the dreaded drone.

I found that stage 2 really improved the sound of the stock exhaust. Had lots of comments on track days about how good the car sounds with the supercharger screaming loudly.
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