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Sep 19, 2014
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I've always wanted to create a build thread, but every time it was too late for it haha.
But, after more than 3 years, with some kind of pain in my heart, have to let my daughter go... It's been an amazing time full of mods, smiles, love and some good 330whp achieved for the S3.
After lots of weeks of deep thinking i realized it was the right time to let her go, but the hardest question was, what to get afterwards. I was to decide between going something completely different or stay in the brand and find something newer or better or something that fills that void.

If staying in the brand was the case, S3 8v was one of the option, and there was one for going RS3 8p; I've been a massive fan of the 8P looks for years and years, so RS3 has always been the pinnacle and my dream car; specially because two years ago, my brother got to own one, and I was the one modifying that car, unfortunately he got to sell it.

Funny thing, I came across the guy who bought the car from my brother the other day, and asked him if he'd sell the car, and he said why not (becuase he barely used it, he did 3000km in 1.5 years), so I ended up getting the exact same car my brother had in the same mint condition.

This means i will keep reading all your posts because I wont be too far, plus the RS3 forum is not too active and in the end we're still the same platform.
So for me now is time to introduce to you the replacement for my beloved S3.

Here's my new Daytona Grey Stage 2 RS3 next to my Meteor Grey Stage 2+ S3

Screen Shot 2019 01 16 at 091415 copy

This past weekend i've been transferring some of the compatible aesthetical bits and retrofitting the front parking sensors for the OPS, because i installed them on the S3 less that one month ago so refused to leave those in the car haha.
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Congrats on the change of car. Nice upgrade. Hope you enjoy it as much as you have the s3 :)
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Good luck with RS3, they are terrific motors, I would have one as well but can’t fit a tow bar :rulez:

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