Foam applicator pads - recommendation


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Jun 2, 2015
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As per title, looking for a recommendation for a bulk buy (well OK, a dozen or so) applicator pads.

Lots on ebay for buttons but never sure of quality of some of them. Prefer to pay a bit more for something endorsed by you guys.
Gtechniq and Megs are are the same foam quality but the Purstar wax and polishing pad is excellent bit expensive @£3-95 you could cut in half
Purestar wax pad c
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Loads on ebay for £1.00 !!!. I use them for the alloys & they work fine. Just make shure you dampen them first. There is also some very good '' micro fibre'' covered sponges which are good for polishing which arn't a bad price,(can't remember what they cost when i got mine but not daft money).
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