High miles in an S4


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Oct 7, 2017
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Having read various threads about people only doing a few thousand miles a year I wondered if anyone else is piling on then miles on their S4?

I have had mine a year and done 30000 miles!

I probably should have bought a diesel but what the hell you only live once and need some grin factor!
I have also noticed that it has got a lot louder after about 20000 miles, you can’t help smiling at the noise.
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Good for you, I'm not in the S4 camp, but kinda close... I'm not doing big miles these days either.

After 15+ Audi vehicles, mostly new, I've noted that they all have an engine personality change around 20,000 miles. I've concluded but never been able to absolutely prove that Audi have tweaked the engine management ECU maps to give their engines a chance to bed in properly before the maximum performance is made available. Audi have no control over whether the end users of their vehicles have even the slightest notion of mechanical sympathy so it would make perfect sense.

The previous 340PS, RSQ3 was a really good case in point - it was always quick but at the 20,000 mile mark it acquired an almost mental personality, there was never any need to drive it in Dynamic mode after that - stupidly rapid in normal 'D' mode.
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Gentlemen, a 1000 thank yous!!!
The light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train, it's the 20,000 mile marker. There is a reason for this grumpy old f@rt to live!!! :yahoo:
While I'm only just over 10k in a year, my S4 is much louder and seems to have some real kick to it that it didn't when it got delivered a year ago. Loving it, but only have another 12 months on my standard lease. Will see if I can extend, especially considering the pathetic 'deals' on PCH right now.

30k miles is quite something!! Congrats.
Well I’m going to be an s4 high miler! Averaging 25k per year I’m looking forward to putting some miles on my car - which I’ve only had six months so far! I bought used and the car has just trickled over 20k so I’m hopeful that it will be loosened up adequately now !

My old Alfa gta came alive at 35k so I’m super hopeful that the s4 will do something similar!

I’ll Keep you posted
22k a year here, absolutely no regrets and loving every single mile!

I knew the running costs before I purchased and wanted a car I could really enjoy. I traded my old Mk5 Golf Gti Edition 30 for a boring Seat Leon Diesel a few years back and vowed never to be so sensible again, traded that for an S3 saloon and now the S4, the V6 sound alone is enough to make driving 22k a year enjoyable.
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This is what I figured. If i'm spending hours and hours driving around the country for work, it needs to be in a nice car with the power to get up and gone.

I would commit seppuku if I had to do 20k a year in a 318d ...
On a nice motorway cruise what is the mpg? And is it an 8spd g/box
On a nice motorway cruise what is the mpg? And is it an 8spd g/box

I've had over 40mpg in mine at 75mph on cruise. Makes a difference if the road is flat or hilly though. And yes, it's the 8 speed ZF auto box.

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