Xtrons/Dynavin and Bose


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Sep 5, 2018
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So, I've seen a few people mention that when they have an Xtrons or Dynavin, there is a slight whine, that you can only really hear on lower volumes or between tracks. I get like a small white noise swell whenever a track finishes that dies out after a couple of seconds.

The thing is, some people say they have no noise at all; is that just because they disregard this noise or don't notice it, or can you genuinely get zero noise?

Do most people just live with this noise?

I've tried isolators and ferrite beads and had no luck. I'm probably going to send my unit back as personally it annoys me every time I change tracks, and also I can't have the sound on mute without some feint whines.
Bit of a thread revival but may help someone else.

This is to do with the way the stereo supplies the bose amp i believe, if you dont have bose you don't get the background noise.

I had an android 6.0 xtrons unit in my mk2 TT and it did everything brilliantly but this background noise on my bose was the only negative.

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