Audi Media interface cable?

Tom horner

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Oct 14, 2018
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Hi all sorry to bother you again managed to get my iPhone 6 connected ok via Bluetooth in the RS3 but couldn’t get my music from the phone to play, looked in the glove and noticed cable was missing so I have bought one and now when plug my phone into the cable is says not supported and won’t play music through the radio? Any one had this or got any suggestions?

Thank you in advance
In MMI when you connect up Bluetooth there is a check box for Media playback - that needs to be selected otherwise you will just have the handsfree function of the phone.

The AMI cable is a different, hardwired, approach for connectivity - haven't bothered with AMI for years personally (live in the Android camp :thumbs up:).
8P doesn’t support Bluetooth streaming.

Are you using a genuine cable? Are you using a lightning ended cable? If so which colour is the collar?
Ahh thanks for the help! No it’s not a genuine cable it’s one off ebay for iPhone 6 plugs into the glove box ok but just says connection not supported when phone is plugged in. I’ll double check the streaming option on Bluetooth settings couldn’t see it though