Dashboard control unit failure A5 with virtual cockpit


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Sep 23, 2018
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West Midlands
My A5 coupe had a number of warning lights come on on Monday and error message read “Dashboard control unit malfunction consult dealer”, car ran fine but dealer had car next day and confirmed unit had failed leading to erroneous fault messages being displayed. I have probably had this problem building for several months and didn’t realise it with distance sensor and handbrake warning being displayed occasionally.
Dealer ordered new part for next day but on collection of car evening of day of diagnosis the car would not start and displayed many fault codes including gearbox and alarm and sounded like it had a flat battery which it didn’t, I was given a courtesy car.
Part fitted next day and all is now well, however cost was £2500 and that’s great as it’s within the warranty period but omg what if it failed later in the cars life!
Love the car but already had a whole gearshift mechanism replaced after D R P illumination failed (£650) again under warranty!
Car may have to go before the 3 years are up if these electronic gremlins keep occurring.
Anyone else experiencing A5 tech and electronic issues?
I read somewhere last week that all these tech'ed up cars like yours will practically become scrap the day something goes wrong after the warranty has expired. It's pretty worrying. I can almost see 'spares or repair' or 'breaking' cars with just one electrical fault.
People have been saying that for years, but as the cars have got more advanced so have to tools to fix them vcds etc, but premium motors like Audi, BMW & Merc will always pay high prices for parts like the instrument cluster as they will be dealer only.

However you could used a second instrument cluster the but the difficulty would be mileage correction.
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