TTE535 Upgrade Performance Turbocharger GOLF R GTI MK 7/S1/S3 8V/ TTS/CUPRA & SC 5F / OCTAVIA VRS


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Jul 9, 2014
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Product Highlights:

• 535PS Proven at under
• Original IHI turbocharger as base part
• Original actuator
• Original DV
• Early response
• TTE Billet Milled compressor 6+6 Blade
• TTE High-Flow 9 Blade Turbine
• TTE CNC milled OEM silencer delete
• Reinforced bearing pack
• Plug and Play installation
• Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
• Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
• Supplied with a balance test result document
• Made in Germany

prices :


MK7R Stage 3, 539.3HP (546PS) and 621.7NM @ 2 bar with the @theturboengineers TTE535, QST ECU software, APR Stage 3 TCU, Wagner intercooler, R600 intake, Autotech HPFP, APR LPFP, NGK race plugs, 4 Bar map sensor, custom downpipe, Milltek cat-back exhaust, 99Ron


Fred’s Golf 7 R TTE535

JDEngineering Stage 4 541Hp & 613Nm (548PS)

TTE535 Turbo
Wagner Tuning Intercooler
VW Racing R600 intake
Revo intake hose
Full decat exhaust
JD Stage 4 software
JD DSG Stage 3 software

98ron 10% bio ethanol

Evo Enginee Ring


Dragy times dont lie. GOLF 7R 98RON WMI

ETUNERS software

VW GOLF 7.5 R By Rennsport Chiptuning BVBA

550hp 620nm Shell VPOWER


Upgraded High-Pressure Fuel Pump

VW R600 cold air intake / MST turbo elbow & inlet

HG Charge pipes & Silencer Delete

Wagner competition intercooler

AKRAPOVIC Turbo-back & decat large bore downpipe

ENGINE & DSG Remap st3


Why don't you advertise on the 610 variant?
Too much lag? Absolute necessity to build the engine and/or the trans? Not effective enough?

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Why don't you advertise on the 610 variant?
Too much lag? Absolute necessity to build the engine and/or the trans? Not effective enough?

Combo of factors. Yes forged motor needed also we had gearbox issues due to the Nm produced so a DQ500 recommended. I think was a step too far and sales sort told us that.
We need to be efficient as TTE with the manufacturing and it made no sense to make and hold a quantity of stock for a low volume of sales.

I think 500-550 is the sweet spot on the platform.
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Thanks for your honest feedback, very much appreciated!

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JMA Volkspeed Motorsport Pushing the limit of VAG EA888 GEN3 2.0 on this daily driven R&D VW Golf 7R Stock Engine

TTE535 hybrid IS38 and pump fuel Ron97 punching 489WHP 532NM

Supporting hardware includes

Forge Motorsport Intake
Forge Motorsport Intercooler
Milltek Sport Race Exhaust System
T.M.Works Ignition System
Kido Racing Coilovers & Big Brake Kit
Snow Performance WM Injection


Great product, I think it's the hybrid with more power on the market, I'm analyzing update the turbo swap on my Jetta gen3 OEM IS38, could you tell me apart from forging the engine what other hardwared it is necessary to replace, eg high and low fuel pump pressure? you sell it ?. Thank you!
I’m not familiar with Jetta but if is ea888.3

You could not require to forge and just stick to under 2bar

If you look at TTE525R thread there’s many setups told.

MK7R Stage 3 finished by QSTUNING UK

This was previously Stage 2 and the customer wanted more. This time it was in for TTE535, Autotech HPFP, APR LPFP, Racingline catch can, 4 bar map sensor and a massive AP Racing 390MM BBK.

This has left producing : 528.9HP and 621.9NM 99RON FUEL (2.1BAR PEAK BOOST)
#qstuning#TTEPOWER #TTE535

I’m not familiar with Jetta but if is ea888.3

You could not require to forge and just stick to under 2bar

If you look at TTE525R thread there’s many setups told.

I want those 535ps and more! It's my daily car so forging would be a necessary safety. I already have DP, inlet, intake, pulleys, IC, AEM meth kit, clutch and an OEM is38 installed in the car with 410ps, I think if I installed a TTE535 I would only need to update the fuel system, an HPFP would be enough or I also need to update the LPFP? how about the oem intake manifold, can you hold that power?
The intake manifold is fine at this boost. Only higher is there a risk of them coming apart at the seams.

Id honestly not forge to save much money and stick to as i said 2.0 bar your seen over 500-540ps fuel and setup depending.
I’m sure this has been covered, but is there a TTE525 tune available for a manual with a Sachs Organic clutch? Currently at 350hp if could for another 100hp that would be great! Or would a TTE470 be more suitable for a manual?? Many thanks
SEAT LEON CUPRA TTE535 BY OUR FRIENDS NK Performance & C2 Motorsports Reims

Result 537HP 604Nm 1.8bar peak
fuel 98ron with 20% e85

Fred’s VW Golf 7R TTE535

MILTEK full exhaust without catalyst
Wagner Intercooler
VWR600 intake
REVO silicone hose
NGK racing plugs
TTE535 is38 hybrid turbo
Upgrade clutch
TVS Engineering ECU & TCU Software

557HP 647nm 102Ron fuel

Matt Maisey’s AUDI S3 8v

TTE535 Hybrid turbo
Wagner Tuning intercooler
VWR600 intake + elbow
Ngk racing plugs
Latest gen coil packs
Autotech hpfp
4 bar map sensors
Aem water meth
Milltek Sport valved system & dp
99ron pump fuel
MRC software

Dyno Result 534HP 635Nm (fully spooled at 3250RPM)


Turbo info :

VW Golf 7 MK2 GTi by DVX performance Belgium
Stock: 230.0 HP / 350.0 Nm

DVX TTE535, 496.0 HP / 605.0 Nm
Quick spool & power.
✅ 266 HP↗
✅ 255 Nm↗

Dvx modifications:

- TTE535 hybrid turbo
- Charge pipe and outlet pipe
- HPFP upgrade
- LPFP upgrade
- Milltek Sport Decat Turboback
- Performance intercooler and air intake

Custom DVX Engine Remap 98 octane
Limited for stock internals

Custom DVX DQ250 Remap
✔600nm torque limiter
✔Raised clamp force
✔faster shiftspeed
✔faster reaction time shift paddles
✔Kickdown removal in manual mode
✔Shifts at higher rpm


Latest result on a GOLF 7R at ECOTUNE

2.1 BAR 99RON

548HP 515Ft bls

FULL SPOOL AT 3150RPM :salute: Approx

VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI TTE535 By TVS Engineering

✅ TVS ECU Stage 3: 531Hp & 610Nm (limited for durability)
✅ TVS TCU DQ250 Stage 3
⛽ RON98 Fuel

CUPRA ST (Avant) TTE535 MTR tuned

pump 102ron / full weight

New heat shield process available on the TTE535 and other TTE upgrades

Mark Graham’s Audi S3 8V with no tricks...

TTE535 Turbo
Pump fuel 99
full weight
no wmi

ECOTUNE Stage3 software (525HP 500FT LBS)

Nice result at ATM Chiptuning Performance

VW Golf 7R
ATM Ecu & TCU stage3 Software
TTE535 Turbo
Autotech HPFP
RacingLine R600 intake
RacingLine inlet pipe
RacingLine inlet 90
RacingLine oil catch can
Wagner Intercooler
Milltek Full Exhaust
4bar Map sensor
541HP 663nm @2BAR 100ron fuel

2017 S3 8V prepared by ARES Tuning. Standard engine with TTE535, intercooler, intake and sports cat. 98 RON only.

Switchable maps
425bhp/416lbft 1.4BAR
510bhp/460lbft 2.0 BAR

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