My New BiTdi - Unrestricted?


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Oct 30, 2014
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Hi Guys,
Picked this beauty up a couple weeks ago and I've had plenty of fun in it. I thought it would be fun to max it out and get to 155 mph but to my amazment it carried on going. I got to 163 but didnt' manage to get the picture but it felt like it could carry on going.

So my question is, did the previous owner pay for the option to have it unrestricted or all A7's not limited to 155?

Also anyone gone faster than 163 mph?

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20181012 114156
20181012 114219
IMG 20181006 WA0035
I had about that speed out of my bi tdi a few years ago, got my s5 up to 167 last month in Germany, so I guess non of the are restricted
I know why this happened it’s because you were going downhill I’m sure they are restricted my old 13 bitdi done the same and my 14 plate sq5. I remeber in straights road not downhill it stayed at 155/6
I was on the flat when I got 167mph
You won't gain 12mph just because you are going down hill especially at that speed.