P1020 High Fuel Pressure Fuel Fault Help


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Nov 5, 2014
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London, United Kingdom
So this has been quite a long standing problem I have had on my 3.0TDI, but it has recently become undrivable! When under load (used to be full throttle now it is most of the time) I get a flashing coil light. If I do a scan, the fault I get is “Fuel Pressure Regulation Control limit exceeded Upper limit exceeded”. I have already replaced the high fuel pressure sensor on the LH rail and the high fuel pressure regulator on the RH rail.

I know there is a flow metering valve on the back of the HPFP, so this is going to be my next target as it is the only thing left that hasn’t been replaced. This is getting expensive though, so wondered if anyone has seen a similar fault and how they fixed it?

I have attached a scan below, and will try and make a data log when it happens.
Date: 2018-10-06 13:20

VIN: WAUZZZ8E55A506018
Car: Audi A4
Year: 2005
Body type: Avant
Engine: BKN 150 kW (204 HP) 3.0 l
Mileage: 269190 KM

01 Engine

System description: 3.0L V6TDI G000AG
Software number: 8E0910401F
Software version: 0060
Hardware number: 8E0907401AJ
Coding: 0011171

Trouble codes:
P1020 - Fuel Pressure Regulation Control limit exceeded Upper limit exceeded

Any modifications on the car?
I had this problem when i had stage1 remap, I installed a downpipe and after that this problem started, after stage2 the problem went away.
So I have sent this to a diesel injection specialist, their diagnosis, after also speaking to Bosch technical I s either the HPFP Fuel Intake Metering valve, which can be bought for about £100 or a software problem.

I will update once I have replaced the valve, it has just come in today!
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For anyone with this fault, replacing the metering valve on the back of the HPFP fixed it for me, now works flawlessly!

They aren’t available for the A4 from Audi, however a VW crafter uses the same valve and they will sell it to you for ~£100.

Audi/VW part #: 059 906 457
Bosch part #: 0928400676