Are these service intervals correct?


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Dec 5, 2017
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I'm trying to find out when should I book my A4 2.0 tfsi for a service. I bought it used from audi dealer a year ago. I read on audi website that it all depends on whether it's flexible or fixed schedule so 9,000 or 19,000 miles. I've already got over 22,000 miles on the clock so I called my local audi and they said there is no information on their computer system to tell them when to book it in and said to call the dealer where I bought the car from. So I did and they couldn't tell me anything more other than the car will tell you when time comes. When I checked the MMI it says oil change in 2100mi so that will be at 24,500mi and next inspection in 11,800mi so at 34,000mi. Does this sound correct? Seems a lot different to what audi website says.
If it’s the second service then that’s not unreasonable I wouldn’t say? My first one was at 12k miles when the car told me to. Would’ve been closer to 19k but I started doing charter trips so the servicing started getting sooner. Inspections are usually staggered from the services so I imagine it’s probably right too.

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I don't think it ever had a service. They don't have anything on the system.
What kind of driving conditions is the car in? I believe most dealerships state work the services to what the car tells you to do..
I guess it depends if the place that did the servicing (or not) was able to update the online service record. Technically it could have been done but just not recorded. I know you can reset the oil service on the MMI but I don't think that you can do the inspection one so if it's saying there's still some miles until the next inspection I imagine it's been serviced. Maybe.
I use the car everyday in the city to commute to work and occasional longer trips on motorways.
Apologies for the questions, so what is your annual mileage and how many miles had the car done when you got it? It sounds to me you should have it serviced and possibly swap the intervals over to fixed as your driving is mostly urban.
I bought the car about 10 month ago and it had 13,000mi on the clock. Since then I have added about 9,000.
If audi don't have a possible previous service recorded on their system then will the car computer have stored? Otherwise nobody will ever know if it was ever serviced.
I would say you need to be on a fixed but the car may have been on a flexible, thus no service has been performed yet. Audi get this info from the keys themselves, they usually have a reader on the front service desks. It maybe also be the case that the service indicator has been reset somehow.
Do you not get the first two services for free on an Audi Approved used car scheme now? If not I'd try to talk to your dealership and see if you can get a concessionary service for free now, then have the service indicator set to fixed seeing what your mileage and driving conditions are.
What happens if you login/setup the car on your myaudi account? It’ll have details of previous services there.
Doesn't work for many of us, has been broken since they went across to the new portal...
What happens if you login/setup the car on your myaudi account? It’ll have details of previous services there.

It never showed any service history, maybe it's broken or there is nothing to show.