2008 2.0 TDI CVT A6 - Hesitation


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Jan 12, 2017
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Hi all, I've recently started driving a 2008 2.0 TDI CVT A6.

There are a few of issues I've come across, the biggest being the hesitation when accelerating.
It has gotten to the point where it's quite dangerous pulling out of junctions. If I put my foot to the floor, it won't do anything for at least 1.5-2 seconds and then just light up the fronts before the traction control comes on.

Few thing I've noticed - when the car is cold and I floor it, then suddenly release the accelerator pedal the excess boost is dumped into the atmosphere (typical BOV noise, not flutter). This only happens when the car is cold - perhaps a boost leak or a faulty wastegate actuator?

Also I've been told that the dual mass flywheel needs replacing, which I can confirm as sometimes when starting the car it feels like there's an earthquake.

The EGR valve was replaced just under a year ago as it was stuck open and coked everything up (which had to be 'decoked'). I scanned it using Torque and a bluetooth OBD tool about a week ago and it showed a P0402 - EGR system, excessive flow detected.

In addition to the above issues, when the car is under load (uphill with a lot of weight in the car), rarely it will not accelerate past 40mph or so. Foot to the floor, revs don't climb.

The gearbox was replaced just over a year ago (at a very high cost), but I believe it hesitated before this was replaced.

I've also had the coil light flash up a few times and when it does the power drops momentarily before the light goes off again. No idea why this would appear on a diesel?

I've ordered a VCDS cable to scan it, but before that arrives I was hoping someone might have some insight into what may be the cause? What I think it may be:
- Faulty dual mass flywheel vibrations causing issues with the CVT
- EGR coked everything up again and reducing performance
- Turbo wastegate actuator sticking and not building boost

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Sorry I just realised I've posted this in the C5 chassis.. could a mod please move it to C6?