TTE700 EVO Upgrade Performance Turbocharger TTRS 8S, RS3 8V.2


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Jul 9, 2014
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TTE700 EVO Upgrade Performance Turbocharger 2.5 TFSI

Introducing our TTE700 performance turbocharger based on the original turbocharger to new higher output specification. Offering an upgrade power upto 700PS

Engineered & Enhanced

At the core of our TTE700 is a much larger TTE compressor wheel, chosen because it is highly efficient and creates an extremely high flow for comparative size. Re-Profiled compressor cover to optimised tolerance to ensure maximum compressor efficiency is given.

We CNC mill the exhaust turbine housing to accept a larger turbine and shaft.

Special profile 360 deg high-performance motorsport journal bearing is fitted, to remain durable at higher loads with no loss in transient response. The actuator used is sprung OE unit


Precisely balancing our turbochargers is a key critical factor to become a TTE upgrade unit as longevity and performance are paramount. Good balance improves acoustics also. Subsequent great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers to achieving our balance standards. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using our single parts machine, then components are assembled and then the CHRA are dynamically balanced, but this time depending on application at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using our in-house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Each turbocharger is supplied with a serial numbered balance test result document.

Product Highlights:

• Over 600PS on 98ron
• Original BWTS turbocharger as base part
• Thermally shielded exhaust housing and manifold
• Very early response
• Billet Milled TTE compressor
• Reinforced BWTS TTE actuator
• High Flow Turbine
• O-ring sealing
• Reinforced axial and radial bearing
• Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
• Made in Germany

TTE700 with & Unitronic software bundle:

TTE700 :

Sharp-motorsport Upgrade Injector set required for max output. Link bellow

Our TTRS 8S 102 RON, 34 deg ambeint temps

Ha ha that must be laugh out loud funny on the road!

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D.H Automotive AUDI RS3 8v.2 with our TTE700 upgrade hybrid turbo fitted. (stock engine & transmission)

732PS 913Nm

MRC Software using Race 109 octane fuel

Graph shows comparison to a stock RS3 (red lines). As you see no loss in response


Testing our TTRS 8S TTE700 hybrid last tonight on an Autobahn 100-200 kmh

Pump 102ron fuel 1/2 tank. full weight

RS3 Saloon TTE700 D.H Automotive

Full weight, 99 fuel using MRC Software

100-200kmh 5.41 sec Dragy GPS timer


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2018 TTRS 8S


SAR Intercooler, SAR down pipe with 2 X Catalyst, SAR Turbo intake, Upgrade injectors, TTE700 turbocharger, MTR performance software

15 degrees ambient temp, driver 115 kg, Full tank 102 aral, car series weight with OEM 20" alloys.

670 HP 800 NM 1.9-2.1bar

● 100-200 5,08 vbox corrected
● 200-250 4,66 Vbox corrected

More to come with some weight saving and mods...

Audi TT RS 8S 2.5 TFSI by BR-Performance Nederland

Stock : 400 Hp / 480 Nm
Stage 3 : 620 Hp / 768 Nm (low boost)

- TTE700 Turbo TTE INLET
- Forge Motorsport Competition Intercooler + Hoses
- CTS Turbo decat Downpipe
- Eventuri Carbon Air Intake
- BR-Performance Stage 3 custom remap +
Stage 3 S-Tronic remap + Rev limiter OFF
- Firezone 102Ron

#TheTurboEngineers #Forgemotorsport #BRPERFORMANCE

RS3 TTE700 MRC Tuning software

TTE700 Vs STOCK TURBO 393PS (green)

664PS is 99ron and octane booster
635ps is 99RON

Full weight, street time
Sascha’s TTRS 8s 680PS/ 735NM

5,2 Sec 100-200kmh

- Pgear Box gps
- 0Grad
- 100kg Driver
- Tank 50%
- 102 RON

- TTE700 turbo
- Upgrade injectors
- MTR Performance Software Motor/Dsg
- SAR Inlet hard pipe 90mm and K&N Panel filter
- Hperformance Intercooler
- Hperformance Downpipe mit 2 HJS Kats
- KW V3
- OZ Leggera 9x19 mit 245/35

Andy Tan RS3 hatch 8v.2 TTE700

1/4 mile 10.26 DRAGY
100-200 5.34

JB4 tuning box, 93 octane(98ron), wmi, forge hardpipe and silicone inlet
stock air box, stock exhaust, stock downpipe(decat), stock fueling
Drag brakes, r888, FR bC forged rims, forge intercooler


MTR Performance Software

715PS & 818NM 102ron

- TTE700 Turbo
- Upgrade Intercooler
- Suction to turbo
- Upgrade injectors
- Down pipe edited

Unfortunately, the exhaust gas back pressure
After loader too high (550 mbar).
There will be another update.

Not recommended for serial hardware!


Sar- Turbotechnik
MTR performance



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RS3 TTE700 98ron MRC Tuning Bahrain


Unitronic Stage 3 ECU Performance Software for TTE700

Unitronic Stage 3 TCU Performance Software

AUDI RS3 8V TTE700 hybrid turbo, stock motor, trans, and clutches, stock fuel pump.

E85 fuel

Tuned for motor longevity and not max power

100-200 4.86 Sec



TTRS TTE700 by BRPerformance

620hp 790nm

Stock motor

Eventuri intake
Forge turbo elbow
Cts dp
Sharp Motorsport injectors
Wagner intercooler
98ron 10% ethanol

Few restrictions in the set up
Stock exhaust
Eventuri intake



MRC Tuning in SouthAfrica producing epic results

AUDI TTRS TTE700 hybrid turbo

Owner Brendon was running 10.1 sec quarter mile repetitive at a recent event

100-200 5.49
0-100 2.70
0-200 8.47

675ps 793nm 102ron petrol 2.1 -2.0 bar



2.1 BAR 102 RON 100-200 5.22 SEC


Congrats to Jason Rezo for his First ever 1/4mile run in his AUDI RS3 TTE700 hybrid in Australia tuned by internatonal auto-haus.

Jason managed a 10.1 @ 139mph low boost e85, full street trim and factory 19s wheels

Time to turn up that boost and get the 9


1/4 MILE 9.5 @149.50 MPH

100-200 DATA !!!
Congrats to Ronny Prill at RACE 1000 1/2 MILE Event Winner of class 3 upto 750HP (full weight, road tires, pump fuel)

1st. Ronny AUDI TTRS TTE700 MTR (720PS 102RON)
2nd. Chris VW Golf 7R 2.5 TTE700 MTR (715PS 102RON)
3rd. Daniel Porsche 991 Turbo ES700

Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI
Stock: 400.0 HP / 480.0 Nm
� � � DVX 632.7 HP / 802.0 Nm � � �

� 232.7 HP�
� 322 Nm�

Stage 3:
- TTE700 turbo
- Wagner Evo 3 Intercooler
- Integrated engineering Air intake
- Milltek Turboback
- Forge turbo inlet
- CTS charge pipe
- Upgrade mpi injectors

Custom DVX Engine Remap 98 octane - Limited torque for stock internals!

Custom DVX DQ500 Remap
�Increased torque limiter
�Raised clamp force
�Faster shiftspeed
�Increased rpm

DVX 742.1 HP / 833.0 Nm on high boost
DVX 713.5 HP / 794.0 Nm on moderate boost

✅ 342.1 HP↗
✅ 353 Nm↗

Stage 3: (stock engine)
- TTE700 Upgrade Turbo
- Wagner Tuning Competition Evo 3
- Milltek Sport decat downpipe
- intergrated engineering Air intake
- Forge MotorsportTurbo inlet
- Sharp-Motorsport Upgrade MPI injectors

Custom DVX performance Engine Remap E85 high and moderate boost

Custom DVX DQ500 Remap
✔Increased torque limiter
✔Raised clamp force
✔Faster shiftspeed
✔Increased rpm

Turbo info…/8v.2-2.5-tfsi/33/tte700-evo-upgrade…


#TTE700 #RS3 #CORN

Audi RS3 2.5 TFSi 8V MK2
Stock: 400.0 HP / 480.0 Nm
DVX 634.6 HP / 756.0 Nm
30-35deg Ambient temps ☀️
✅ 234.6 HP↗
✅ 276 Nm↗

- TTE700 Upgrade Turbo
- Forge motorsport Intercooler
- Milltek decat downpipe
- Intergrated engineering Air intake
- Forge motorsport Turbo inlet
- sharp-motorsport Upgrade MPI injectors

Custom DVX PERFORMANCE Engine Remap 98RON

Custom DVX DQ500 Remap
✔Increased torque limiter
✔Raised clamp force
✔Faster shiftspeed
✔Increased rpm

Turbo info :…/8v.2-2.5-tfsi/33/tte700-evo-upgrade……/rs3/8v-mk2-2017-/6149/25-tfsi/3

Eldar's TTRS 8S TTE700

During the Battle for Moscow event. Ran a 9.94 1/4 mile on the timing gear. Congrats

0-100 2.71
100-200 5.04
1/4 mile 10.05

Full Spec :

TTE700 turbo
Wagner cooler + downpipe
Milltek Catback
ie intake
Unitronic 3.5” inlet
18” Hoosier DR2 tires
Haldex controller
Weight reduction
18" rims with Hoosiers
103ron fuel
Ecu+tcu software XXXX (Tuner not wanting to disclose)


Ronny Pril in his TTRS TTE700 MTR software on 102 ron fuel

Taking 1st place at scc 500 this weekend in 600-750Hp class 4