Intermittent power loss


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Sep 19, 2016
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I have put New turbo and air flow metre on car and still intermittent loss of power.i had car scanned and it says airflow metre and turbo control limit not reached what could be the cause of this
underboost issue, might help if you state which engine you have along with a proper diagnostic log
is the new turbo correctly set up? ie actuator correctly set?
has your n75 been checked? has the car been on a smoke test to identify any possible air leaks??
It is a new turbo complete with electronic actuator it is 2.7tdi don't have scan log have not checked n75 or had smoke test
I have the same issue, read my thread I fitted a refurbed turbo onto mine and I think the actuator needs coding. This must be done via VAS tools or ODIS. I’ve uploaded a video of my actuator movement which shows the rod hitting the stop screw.

This is how my turbo blew up, I think excess heat caused a vane to snap and be ingested by the exducer turbine


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Do you need to have actuator coded to car . I rang two different audi specialist garages and one said yes and other one said no it is plug and play .who do you is 2.7 diesel with electronic actuator
On the 3.0 TDI the actuator need calibrating, I would have thought the 2.7 would be the same however, the turbo setup is different so could be wrong.