Exhaust clamp/sleeve/bracket


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Jan 22, 2017
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Hi all, I’m needing one of these for my 08 plate 2.0 tdi avant. Can anyone post a link to where I can order one from?


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TPS do them Jon and they are decent oem ones so no fitting issues.
on ebay etc but some of them are of very dubious quality.
Can you still just walk into TPS, I heard they were getting a bit ‘trade only’. Clamping down (sorry).

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as far I know they are public and trade with no plan to become just trade the only difference is the pricing structure Jon, trade and retail .
just nip into your local and you'll be fine, ring them before hand to check stock though.
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Cheers Rob

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I recently got one from GSF

Any good?? Don’t know when I’m going to get time to go to TPS so the post man might have to bring one.

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Yeah totally fine. They sell two diameters so measure your pipe size first. I needed the larger size for the middle section.

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