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Feb 26, 2018
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What do you guys think of the new q8?
The more I look at it the more i like it I'm tempted..


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I was in one a week or so ago and they are a lovely place to be. We weren't allowed to turn anything on, so I can only imagine how it actually worked, but its a significant rise in the benchmark for car interiors and tech - parts of which will filter down through the entire Audi range and already make my year old SQ5 interior feel very dated.

The exterior is just as nice, if not prettier. I really liked the looks of it (shame about yet more fake exhausts tho).

However, it's a big car designed for a big country (or even continent) not a small, overcrowded, island such as ours with narrow lanes and standard sized car parking spaces.... I think the front doors are longer than the similar sized Q7... I therefore would question the real life practicality of owning such a sized vehicle and that's before the rising fuel costs and £450 a year car tax from year 2.

So, much as i liked it, a Q5 sized vehicle will continue to do me.
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Stood next to one in the dealers earlier. Holy crap it's huge!

The top of the wheels were upto my Jean pockets. Need to find some pics next to the other Q cars to compare sizes. Did look v nice tho in black.
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I think it’s a cracking looking big bus. Definitely isn’t bland looking!
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