SQ5 Audi 2017 SQ5 Tyre Wear & Cleaning 21” Alloys


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May 13, 2015
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I can not believe how quick the stock Pirelli P zeros 255 40 21 are wearing as yes at times I do like to let her go but i also drive conservatively in between. 7500 miles in and only 3mm left on fronts !! Been looking around for alternatives but in that size the selection is limited. had Pirelli Scorpian on the discovery prior and these would go for 20k plus...

Also I am having issues with cleaning the Alloys have used Valet Pro Bilberry cleaner for quite a few years but on these it’s proving hard work and take me as much time to clean the Alloys as the rest of the car, anyone else having the same issue ?
I’ve had P Zeros in the past on S5 and they didn’t last long at all - wear rate as you’ve found seemed to quick.

The Scorpion Verde however on current car approaching 20k with 3.5-4mm on front and 4.5-5mm on the back.
get the wheels coated in ceramic product and it’s s doddle....I agree it does take some time and I need to move the car forward to make sure all the wheels are clean.

Hadn’t noticed any tyre wear yet, but just done 1,500 miles. It’s a heavy car but I would expect them to last to at least 15k.

What about he Goodyear asymmetric 3 suv or even the Michelin’s which are often a bit harder and may last more.
I had the car fully detailed straight after purchase and had Gyeon Rim applied but I have never experienced brake dust clinging to the wheels like this car. The brakes have been noisy from purchase (ex demo 6 weeks old) and have been back to Audi for that, noise when braking at low speed creeping forward down hills for example, maybe the pads have something to do with it ?

Been mulling over the tyres and yes I definitely wont go back to Pirelli P Zeros but was hoping to find an all season but they don't do any in 255 40 21 as far as I can see and Audi don't know if I can use a slightly different tyre size.
my continentals seem to be wearing ok - although i question their grip in the dry having had abs kick in a couple of times on hard braking.

Best tyre i found for long term wear was a Dunlop Sport Maxx - happily had 3 mm after 24k miles on my S4 Avant.