Inner CV Joints


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Jul 18, 2018
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South East London
Hi all,

i need to replace both my inner cv joints, wishbones and upper suspension links.

Audi cv joints are painfully expensive and I'm wondering what gem/aftermarket ones you guys have fitted to yours and how well they have lasted.

Any advice on where to get wishbones and upper suspension links would be great too, if there are any decent aftermarkets.

many thanks
All Audi driveshafts are make by GKN, you can get joint replacement/rebuild kits for around £100 they are pretty simple to rebuild as well
Thanks for the replies.

Spoken to GKN who say they don't offer the inner cv joint for mine (cvt). They do offer the driveshaft though if i'd like to pay £300 each lol. I've emailed GKN Germany to see if they have a separate part number for the cv joint on that driveshaft....

The only one I can find for my car is made by shaftec but they don't seem to have great reviews.

Didn't think it would be this difficult to get a cv joint! It's not a particularly uncommon part to fail on these.

Any more advice welcomed!
Why are you replacing your joints? Is it because you're getting noise from them? Or is your boot just ripped? If its a ripped boot then you can just replace the boot.

I shop for some or most of my parts from I don't know if they deliver to the UK is the only problem. I just replace arms and such with OEM parts and upgrade the suspension components that offer a performance bump like end links and sway bars and the associated bushings.

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