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  1. Thunder chicken

    Thunder chicken New Member

    He'll all, I just picked up a Q7 s-line 2010 with 54k and have a few concerns/questions that an experienced owner can help with. It's a 3.0tdi with 8 speed gearbox.

    The power steering makes quite a racket when turning on checking the fluid levels its at the 'max' level, the groaning/whine is on both locks.

    At 60-80 mpg there's a definite vibration which seems to be from the gearbox/differential, it's doesn't seem like the usual tyre shudder if out of balance. It also makes a slight noise changing from 1st to 2nd, the gearbox had a full service by audi 11k ago.

    There is no DAB radio, I'm horrified by this and assumed there would be a dab tuner but nope only am/fm/mw. Is a retrofit possible and still retain the mmi interface?

    Other than that its great!

    If anyone can help me I'd be very grateful
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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  3. Bulbul68

    Bulbul68 Member

    You can definitely get an aftermarket DAB and it will work with MMI 3G, google kauftec or xcarlink.

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