S4 Avant 'leaning' to drivers side

Si Jar

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Aug 19, 2012
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Had my S4 Avant a month now and have struggled to get comfortable in it as it feels as though it's leaning to the driver's side when on the move, I thought it was just me but today my wife and daughter men it, car is on standard S4 suspension and all looks fine when parked up.on the level??
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Listing? You mean leaning? If it’s something that others have noticed then it might be worth a trip to the dealership to see what they can do while it’s under warranty?

Have you checked tyre pressures? And that the transport block have all been removed? That’s the only two things I can think of that it might be.

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Yes, should have read leaning, it's already been back to the dealers once for an SOS function fault which involved replacement of antenna behind the dash but the fault has returned so us back at the dealers on Thursday when I will raise this with them, funny you mention transport blocks as I was thinking about his a few minutes ago as I remember them being forgotten on a few golf R's, I'll take a look in the morning.
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Get a tape measure to measure the height at various places around the car then compare it with other owners meaurement if you can...